1. Just One Kiss 2007 Emmy Nomination, Best song from a Daytime Show, John Lee Sanders, composer, All music tracks, vocal, Saxophone, keyboards, Orchestration
  2. Ridin' on a Southbound Train Instrumental mixes of John's Americana roots CD, "Tweakin some Twang". Featuring Bruce Kaphan, Pedal Steel, Tolak Olestad, Chromatic Harmonica.
  3. Within Our Memory
  4. Stay Strong-Right On A Tribute to the 70s Big Funky Orchestral scores, Bill Conte, Issac Hayes, Rocky Balboa, Cop Shows, Blaxploitation Movies,
  5. Flight into the Unknown A musical fantasy adventure, with Spainish Guitar, adventure, orchestral, majestic regal trumpet, big Game of Thrones Drums, Lord of the Rings Epic transformation
  6. Gospel on the Mainline Reflections of my wonderful experience as Hammond Organist at Beebe AME African Methodis Church in Oakland, Spiritual, Black Lives Matter, and our wonderful heritage of this great musicial tradition.
  7. Gone Viral JLS, Vocal, Guitar, and all instruments. This was my musical response to the Covid 19 Pandemic. During the 80s and 90s, I wrote disaster film scores, and movie trailers, with big impact doomsday type effects. Lyrically and musically I felt this time on Earth, needed underscoring of epic proportions, to get the message of how dangerous this virus is, and how we need leadership, give support to our front line health care professionals.

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